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Taking the ACT between my Sophomore and Junior Year

I am currently a sophomore and would appreciate any advice relating to taking the ACT. I took the practice ACT through my school last fall and received a 29 with no preparation. I am considering taking the real ACT over this upcoming summer. My thought process for this is that by the end of the year I should have completed all my high school requirements for Math and English. I would also like to see what it’s like and know for sure what my weak points are before taking it again through my school next year for free. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would also appreciate any recommendations for online ACT prep courses/activities. Here was my individual score for the PACT for reference:


Math: 28

Science: 32

English: 23

Reading: 33

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Heya :)

What I’m doing in this case is waiting to take the free test through my school, then if I have to I’ll retake it over junior summer. You don’t want to have to pay for a test that’s unnecessary. We just took pre-acts again here and my score improved DRASTICALLY just by taking Algebra 2, honor’s chemistry, and honor’s English, but I’m assuming you’ve already taken or are taking those or equivalents. Another thing that seemed to help me and will target your lower scores: through the college board, there’s an app called Bluebook. There’s full-length practice tests for PSATs and SATs (different test, still standardized with same skills), and you can log into the college board site after you take these and get detailed explanations for the questions. There’s also ACT test previews but I haven’t tried that yet. Another option is always talking to teachers and seeing if any of them have advice for you, especially if they’ve helped with ACT prep in the past.

Good luck and I wish you all the best!!

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