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Would taking 4 APs be too heavy a workload?

I'm currently a Freshman, and I'm taking 3 honors classes (geometry, bio, ela). Next year I have signed up to take 4 APs (Physics 1, Precalc, Stats, World History) which I'm just now thinking might be really difficult to manage with all of my ECs. Would this workload be too much? Also, what are some ways I can manage all of these classes? (also I'm taking Honors Algebra 2 over the summer)


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This is a large amount of classes,make sure that you focus on Algebra 2. If you miss some details, you will be regretting it during Physics and Pre Calc. I’m taking World History rn as a freshman, and I think it’s easy, and we have a 97% AP Exam pass rate. Pre Calc is barely an AP class (it still is one though), so it wouldn’t be too hard. In all honesty, you’re taking like 3 APs because not of them are the same difficulty.

4 APs sophomore year w/out any AP experience is crazy, but at the same time, juniors do the same thing all the time. - All in all, you just gotta focus and find good study habits.

a month ago

I recommend taking all 4 if your grades are stellar with minimal effort. 4 AP's is very challenging but manageable if you have consistent study habits. I would advise you to talk to your teachers and ensure you have a rigorous study routine (at least 1.5 hours per night).

I recommend taking AP Bio instead of Physics, especially since you're skipping Algebra II. If you decide to take Physics 1, look into summer classes for Algebra II (Khan Academy's course is great) so that you aren't left in the dust.

Stats is not horrible so I wouldn't worry about it much.

Prepare for a lot of reading with World History, and make sure you can take good notes (I use Cornell style).

As for your extracurriculars, talk to your coaches/directors and coordinate with them so they can help you stay on track with school.

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