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Where should I go?

Hi! I am confused about what school I should go to this fall. I am debating between UC San Diego, Boston College, Rutgers Honors College, and Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. I want to study neuroscience/biology on the pre-med track and hope to go on to a good medical school after college. Any information about pros/cons would be really helpful! Thanks :)

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the schools considered are excellent choices for pre-med with strong neuroscience/biology programs.

UC San Diego:

Pros: Nationally renowned for science programs, sunny California location, and research opportunities at world-class institutions nearby.

Cons: Competitive environment, high cost of attendance (out-of-state), large university feel.


Pros: Strong pre-med program with personalized advising, beautiful campus, and access to Boston's healthcare institutions.

Cons: Private school tuition, less research focus compared to UC San Diego, larger class sizes than honours colleges.

Rutgers Honors College:

Pros: Honors program benefits like smaller classes and priority registration, strong science programs, and in-state tuition (if applicable).

Cons: Rutgers New Brunswick campus can feel large, and less prestigious than other options, New Brunswick itself might not be as appealing as other locations.

Schreyer Honors College:

Pros: The honors program benefits, a large university with a wide range of resources, a strong alumni network in medicine.

Cons: Large undergraduate population even within Schreyer, State College, PA might not be the most exciting location.

think abt going through each school's website, they will have detailed information about their neuroscience/biology programs and pre-med advising. you can find rankings of pre-med programs on U.S. News & World Report.

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I think any of these colleges would be great for your major. What really matters is your personal preference and the opportunities it provides with regards to internships, financial aid, and career development.

You should pick which colleges are the best for you, not your major. They are all great, but all of them are in very different areas of the nation. Think about your distance from your family, because at least 3 of these 4 are going to be out of state - do you wanna live near/with your parents, do you want some more space (2-6) hours away, or do you want to leave asap?

Second, and I feel that STEM majors underestimate the importance of this part of college, is the social aspect. Sure, you’re going to be busy the entire time, but you need to be able to go out and make meaningful connections with people. If you like football, then Penn State. Parties? - either one of ‘em. Clubs - either one of ‘em, but you might find some more specialized ones in different universities.

Lastly, think about the weather and its effects on your mental health. You’ve been in high school for four years, so you know how important the season is to how you feel. Seasonal depression is real, and if you haven’t experienced it, then places like Boston and Jersey might not be the best places to go. Penn State is in a college town, so you’ll always have a strong social scene which makes up for the weather. UCSD is in San Diego, so it speaks for itself.

Sure opportunities matter, but you need to set yourself up for success, not jut gain the ability to be successful.

Btw, this is a really good acceptance list (Congrats!), keep doing what you’re doing.

Best of luck

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