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Will Bs on my transcript impact my admission chances for finance/econ at top universities?

I'm currently a junior, and I will be ending this year with four Bs on my transcript. I had a B- freshman year in Honors Algebra 2 (highest math course for a 9th grader at my school), a B+ in both Honors Chemistry and Honors Pre-Calc during my sophomore year, and I will be ending with either a B or B+ in AP Physics 1 this year. These were all the highest/most rigorous courses offered for each grade level. My overall GPA is over a 3.8 on the 4.0 (not sure what it is exactly though, probably about a 3.83), so I'm hoping this will better my chances. Additionally, my math grades have progressed throughout the years, and I will most likely end this year with an A- in AP Calc AB.

I also have strong ECs with leadership roles as well as a demonstrated interest in finance/business. The rest of my courseload, besides electives, has always been comprised of the highest level AP and honors classes (I will end high school with 11 honors classes and about 14 AP classes). Will my chances for finance or econ be hurt at top business schools like UPenn, UMich, Dartmouth, Northwestern, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UT Austin, BU, BC, MIT, UVA, and Emory? Thanks!

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first off, your high GPA and strong ECs really strengthen your application. since these top schools are highly competitive, while having a few B's wont disqualify you, they can certainly disadvantage you when compared to applicants with straight A's. although, the fact that you took the most rigorous courses offered shows initiative, which can mitigate some of the impacts of Bs. and your improving math grades demonstrate positive growth, which admissions officers value.

there are ways to improve your chances though, for instance, you can focus on getting strong grades in your remaining courses: strive for A's and A-'s in your remaining classes, especially AP Calc AB. also, try hard on upcoming standardized tests: do well on the SAT/ACT. high scores can help offset some concerns about Bs. also, the SAT subject tests (optional) is a good idea: consider taking the Math 2 subject test and aiming for a high score to showcase your math ability.

your admission chances are difficult to predict, but here's what i think: ↓

reach schools: Schools like UPenn, UMich, Dartmouth, Northwestern, MIT will be challenging, but not impossible! strong applications with exceptional ECs and test scores can overcome a few Bs.

target schools: UCLA, UC Berkeley, UT Austin, BU, BC, UVA, & Emory could be good targets with your current profile!! focus on a strong overall application and highlight your strengths.

additional tips: ↓

research each school: understand the specific admission criteria and preferences of each university you're applying to.

craft a compelling essay: use your essay to showcase your passion for finance/econ, your leadership skills, and any personal challenges you've overcome.

consider safety schools: apply to a few schools where your stats are well above the average to ensure some acceptances.

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