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Is BioMedical Engineering a good major?

My child has got admission into the below colleges. She is planning to pursue BioMedical Engineering Major for her undergraduate. Below are the college options:

UNC Chapel Hill (4 years tution waived)

NC State (4 years tution waived)

Georgia Tech (have to pay out of state tution)

Any guidance as to what her best option might be. What are the career opportunities in this field. Does a second major like Biostatistics help or any other suggestions.

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First off, Congrats! These are really good schools, so no matter where she goes, she will do great.

It's considered the Georgia Tech is the most competitive/prestigious, UNC is next, and NC State is the average state school.

Personally, I would pick UNC in both your situation and in a situation where y'all are out-of-state. Chapel Hill is a college town, UNC has a great culture and wonderful academics. NC State doesn't even compare to UNC or Duke in regards to NC Universities. Also, it's FREE, at least the tuition, which is an important factor.

Georgia Tech has the better academics, but it's sports may lack (if you care) and the social scene is smaller because it's in Atlanta. It's an extremely dangerous campus, like how UChicago is in the South Side of Chicago, Johns Hopkins is in Baltimore, and Yale is in New Havens. These are all dangerous areas, and as a parents I know that you will worry about them no matter where they go. Also, out-of-state tuition is expensive, overall, it isn't worth it.

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