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How can I find good extracurriculars?

I'm a homeschooled sophomore. I have a 3.98gpa and have a ton of volunteer hours and opportunities around me (which I rly enjoy €) but l've been having some difficulties finding extracurriculars. I'm not athletic but l've got great people skills and want to study around the areas of sociocultural anthropology, sociology, political science, and art history. I'm not sure where I want to go to school yet (although UVA is my top choice), but I NEED extracurriculars. Any tips?

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Hey, fellow homeschooler! :)

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Hey heyyyy lol

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I’d say to join something like a recreational sport for your town, softball or if there’s a swim team that could be good. Girl Scouts or something of that nature could be good too!

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Try to find avenues for exploring your areas of interest:

Sociocultural Anthropology and Sociology:

Participating in local cultural events or volunteering at cultural centers

Joining a homeschool co-op or online discussion group focused on social issues

Taking online courses or attending webinars related to anthropology or sociology

Political Science:

Volunteering for local, state, or national political campaigns

Participating in online political advocacy groups or forums

Attending town hall meetings, city council sessions, or other civic events

I have heard of organizations like HSLDA having politic programs for homeschool teens.You might want to check them out! I am sure there are other organizations doing similar things.

Art History:

Volunteering or interning at local museums or art galleries

Participating in online art history forums or discussion groups

Taking online courses or attending webinars related to art history

Also, you can always start an in-person or online club! All homeschoolers struggle to find clubs they can join so creating a club is a great way to explore your interest with other people and demonstrate leadership.

Hope this helps and lmk if you have any questions. I know finding ECs for specific career goals can be tough as a homeschooler.

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