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What to do when AP's aren't offered

My school doesn't offer AP or honors courses, and because of that, I'm at a disadvantage compared to other applicants. Are there outside programs I can try to do? Or will colleges understand that my school just doesn't offer those?

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First, I will say that most colleges will understand that to some degree. Normally, there is a section in the application that you can add extra information (this is where you would explain that). BUT there are other options.

I am a homeschooled student, so AP is not an option for me, either. Well, it is an option, but ridiculously expensive. I discovered I could enroll as an online dual enrollment student with my local community college. It is cheaper than the AP options and it was even 1/3 the regular price b/c I am a high schooler. So I applied, enrolled, and now taking 2 college classes. Next semester I will bump up to 4 per semester. A HUGE perk for me is that the cc has direct agreements with my school of interest, so I will transfer over a full year of gen eds into my bachelor's when I apply to the university!

I HIGHLY recommend dual enrollment (DE). You will have to coordinate with your high school counselor and let them know that you are interested in DE. From there, you will have to lay out your schedule accordingly, especially if your DE classes have scheduled times. I chose Asychronous classes so I can work on different times of days. PLUS there are pretty much no lectures (I have trouble focusing on long talks, do better with independent reading/studying/watching videos).

Hope this helps you a little and lmk if you have any questions!

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