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Can you raise a 3.4 to a 3.7?

I’m currently a sophomore with a 3.4 average. It’s lower than I’d like but I missed a significant portion of my freshman year due to health issues and surgeries and my schools handling of my absence was less than ideal. I understand that I NEED to get graded on assignments but forcing me to take tests on materials I hadn’t learned is a little ridiculous to me. My grades weren’t terrible though (first semester high to mid 90s- second semester low 80s and one 69 in a class) my grades this year weren’t the best either due to stuff at home which made it difficult to put my all into education (low 90s high 80s) my second semester sophomore year grades are much better though! I’m in the middle to high 90s again but I hadn’t factored that into my current gpa cause that’s subject to change at any moment. My school doesn’t offer aps OR honors classes so there’s little room to pad my gpa with weighted courses. I plan on taking college courses through other programs to try and make up for the less than ideal gpa but I was wondering if it would be possible to raise my GPA with my remaining time.


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Yes, I think you could raise your GPA. I am a dual enrollment student (homeschooled student; unable to take AP) and that has raised my GPA even higher that what it was. I enrolled as a DE student at my local community college and now taking 2 online classes with the cc. Next year, I will bump up to 4 classes per semester. DE is a really great option for those who cannot take AP, so if you have any questions about that, lmk!

Also, colleges will have a certain amount of grace for health setbacks. There will be a section on your application where you can explain that politely. Just give the facts, stay positive (don't say negative things about your school as much as you are dying to) and then maybe briefly share how you bounced back from that. Also, if you get waitlisted or deferred for your dream university, don't give up. Write a LOCI when either situation occurs and explain your GPA. That extra effort may be all the difference; it isn't necessarily the end when you get put on hold.

Hope this helps and lmk if you have questions.

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