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What should I do?

I am a Junior in high school and I am stressed about colleges. I have a 3.7 gpa unweighted which is bad for more selective schools. I have taken most of the rigorous courses except Chem honors during sophomore year and I took just chem. I also go to a small public high school and some of them do have better gpas than I do and have taken chem honors as well as ap stat this year which requires you to have a 95 and above in algebra 2 honors to get into. I had a b so I didn’t. I want to apply to ucb, ucla, ucsd, uci, and ucsb but idk if I have a shot especially since they only take ap classes and I started that this year bc that’s what juniors allow besides computer science but I wasn’t interested. I also want to apply to the Claremont colleges as well, but idk I keep on going online and seeing other peoples experience and advice and it’s kinda contradicting so idk what to do it feels just unpredictable. I am aiming to raise my gpa to a 3.8 unweighted at least. But I might get a b+ junior year in math and I want to be an accounting major so idk if that looks bad since I already have 4 bs from freshman and sophomore year, and it looks really bad to get any in junior year. I also started some of these junior year which seems bad I feel like.

My extracurriculars:

Leadership program

-Made promotional video to raise money for period poverty

-job shadowing

-held workshops


-Assistant, i help organize events such as webinar and the founder consults with me on decisions for the nonprofit

-editor in chief, publish articles and lead the blog team

All the girls- student led nonprofit about empowering women

-event committee

-blog writer

Illuminate business- student led nonprofit about educating teens on business

- blog writer

Strong heroes

-write summaries on health equity news

Vocal ensemble

-meet after school daily

- some volunteering to help raise money for the school

I kinda want to start a blog as well bc I want to do something around financial literacy and educating others on the basics of it. I also want to start a chapter from this nonprofit where I start the club and we hold meeting and have events and send care packages but idk how exactly it works at my school and I need to figure that out.

Do I have a chance?


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I think depending if you are wanting to go into business a blog on financial literacy could be helpful to a lot of people. Additionally, based of what you listed you seem to have a good amount extra curriculars and there seems to be a passion on empowering women and period poverty so that could be helpful to college applications as it shows deep interest. As for raising your GPA it could help to enroll in college classes; not all school offer a GPA boost for doing so, but some do, so maybe check with your counselor.

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