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What category of extracurricular does study abroad count as if it was during the school year rather than summer?

I participated in a study abroad program in Sevilla, Spain for my first semester of Junior year this year (September 12th to January 21st). While filling out my profile, I could not find a specific category that included a study abroad/foreign exchange program (although technically not exchange, as nobody took my place here, but either way), except for under "summer programs." As I did not have my program during the summer, but rather a normal school year, can I still put it on my page? If so, under what category would it be? I want to share it as it may assist in my college applications, but I am unsure how it counts or if I can add it to my profile.

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@Jael_S238a month ago

Are you using the Common App? I have chosen not to b/c it is limited in what you can enter.

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No, I don't think so? I mean for my profile in CollegeVine, for "extracurriculars."

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