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I am an international student on leave of absence at a US institution. I would like to transfer to another school.

Can I legally do that as a first year student or must I pick up from where I am in my current school? How will that affect my current SEVIS record?

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Are you currently at college or are you still in high school?

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Currently at college.

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I'm assuming you're an international student because you mention the SEVIS record? Maybe check this article out: https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/students/instructions-for-transferring-to-another-school-as-an-f-1-student

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Collegevine is a freshman admissions geared site. So I can’t help as I have no clue but my advice is.

Talk to someone at your colleges enrollment office(likely called the registrar) and ask about SEVIS as I have no clue what that is. You’d transfer as your current grade assuming you’ve completed more than a semester.


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