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How to start a non profit ?

I have tried to look on TikTok ,google and etc. how to start and ideas but really confusing I live in a small town and my school don’t have that many extracurricular or clubs to lol for volunteers or anyone who wants to join with the organization. I really need some advice:

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@papa's games I would love to know more information about this issue

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one of the first things you'll want to do is identify what you want to major in, align your nonprofit values to it.after that, apply for a fiscal sponsorship, if accepted, you'll be able to register as a non profit and officially take donations and give out volunteer hours; this not only encourages people to join you but also enhances everyone involved's resume. map out a plan and a mission, take it international if you'd like, get your messages across. try to get in the newspapers, spread your word online. start a website, (a digital presence is a MUST) and make sure it actually impacts people!!!

if you have any ideas for a nonprofit, i would be happy to collaborate with you on it as I'm currently a part of implementing multiple.

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