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How can I raise my 3.2 UW GPA to a 3.9 UW GPA in the span of 3 years?

I am currently a freshman with a 3.2 UW GPA and a 3.9 W GPA and I really want to get it up by Junior year? Is it possible? And if it is, how can I achieve it?

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Hi there! It is absolutely possible for you to get your gpa up by junior year, as long as you acknowledge what caused your gpa to be somewhat lower and put the work in to change it. It is perfectly normal to have a slightly lower gpa freshman year, as colleges understand students are still adjusting to high school (and they often excuse it if they see a clear upward trend in your grades). However, as I said, it is also important to figure out why it was on the slightly lower side. Were you taking harder classes that you struggled in a bit, or did you perhaps need to study a little bit more? Setting good habits and figuring out your weak points early on can set you up for the rest of high school, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are having trouble in a certain class.

Additionally, it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. For instance, if you had an unweighted gpa of 3.2 for the first semester of freshman year, and you are able to get, say, a 3.8 in the second semester, your average unweighted gpa will go up to 3.5. By slowly a bit harder and working your way up, you can easily raise your gpa by junior year. Mainly focus on your unweighted gpa, since that’s the one colleges use the most in terms of comparing students (since weighted gpas differ among schools). Hope this helps!

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