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Womens lacrosse

I am currently a sophomore in high school and would love to play women's lacrosse is college. I got moved up to jv as an 8th grader and am currently play my 3rd year as a starter as well as a 2 year captain. I would like to go to college in New York. My coaches will not help at all and I don't play club.

Any suggestions on what schools or recruiting possess will be appreciated

@Jael_S238a month ago

Hey there, I have seen your posts and I really wish I could help you out but I don't know anything about recruiting or lacrosse for that matter. The school I want to attend, Delaware Valley University, has women lacrosse, but other than that, I am not sure what schools have lacrosse.

@Jael_S238a month ago

But I really want to help, so I'm going to see if the ivy assistant can give some steps to sports recruiting/schools with lacrosse. I will get back to you soon!

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Here's what I got:

"Research colleges: Encourage her to research colleges in New York with women's lacrosse teams across various divisions (NCAA Divisions I, II, III, and NAIA). Websites like NCSASports.org or CollegeBoard.org can be helpful in finding schools with lacrosse programs.

Create a highlight video: Since she doesn't play club lacrosse and her coaches aren't helping, a highlight video showcasing her skills will be crucial. She can share this video with college coaches via email or on her recruiting profiles.

Build an online presence: She should create profiles on sports recruiting websites like NCSASports.org or BeRecruited.com, where she can upload her highlight video, share her stats, and express interest in specific schools.

Contact coaches: Once she has a list of colleges she's interested in, she should reach out to the coaches with a personalized email expressing her interest in their program. Include her highlight video, lacrosse stats, and academic accomplishments.

Attend camps or showcases: Although she doesn't play club lacrosse, attending lacrosse camps or showcases can provide exposure to college coaches and help her improve her skills.

Stay in touch with coaches: Regular communication with college coaches is essential. She should keep them updated on her progress, new highlights, and any upcoming events where they can see her play.

Remember, it's important for her to be proactive and take charge of her own recruitment process. Encourage her to research schools, reach out to coaches, and network with other players.

Schools in NY with women's lacrosse:

Bard College

Canisius College

Clarkson University

Elmira College

Hamilton College

Hartwick College

Le Moyne College

LIU Post

Manhattan College

Manhattanville College

Nazareth College

Niagara University

Pace University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rochester Institute of Technology

St. Bonaventure University

St. Lawrence University

Union College

Utica College

Wells College

Adelphi University

Binghamton University

Colgate University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Hofstra University

Ithaca College

Marist College

St. John's University

Stony Brook University

Syracuse University

University at Albany

University at Buffalo

Vassar College

Wagner College"

I hope this helps you some! Please lmk if you have any more questions. Like I said, Idk much about sports recruiting, but I would like to help. I think it is very possible that colleges begin recruiting for sports players during the junior year (fall), b/c I know a soccer player who went through that whole process during junior year.

You got this! Reach out with any more questions. Also, if you have a high school counselor, their job is to guide you through that process. You can ask them questions and maybe get some resources.

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