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Out of these classes what would be the best in order to become an architect?



Art 1 Art Foundations Β½

Automotive Technology I Asian Art

Band Astronomy

Chorus Basic House Wiring

College Accounting Cars, Homes, and Loans

College Business Ceramics I

Computer Animation I Child Development I or II

CP French I Computer Toolbox

CP French II Computers in Management

CP Portuguese I CPR, AED, Community First Aid & Safety

CP Spanish I Current Events

CP Spanish II Drama Workshop

Criminal Justice Economics

Design I Fashion Construction I

Entrepreneurship-Shark Tank Film Studies

Fabrication Technologies Food and Nutrition I

Finance Graphic Design

Honors French II IDEA Lab

Honors Spanish I International Business I

Honors Spanish II Literature and Philosophy

Introduction to Business Medical Careers & Personal Wellness

Introduction to Journalism Multi-genre Writing

Legal Studies Multimedia Productions

Mandarin Chinese I Music Appreciation

Marketing & Social Media Pop Culture & Literary Theory

Structure Design Public Speaking


Science Fiction and Fantasy as Literature

Small Engine Technology

Spanish for Business

Spanish for Healthcare

Sports Marketing

Textile Arts

Visual Journaling

Warmongers and Peacemakers

Woodworking Technologies 1/2

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I'm an assuming you are an HS student so the first one Structural Design is not available unless you took a MOOC or Coursera course in Structural engineering. And then that would be really hard to follow unless you have already taken AP Calculus AB/BC and had some modelling software so you can see for yourself how beams and columns deform under loads etc.

If you haven't taken an art class or an art history class that would be helpful since a.) you have to be a good visual artist and b.) you should have some understanding of art theory or art history so you understand some of the terms. So if you're a novice artist take Art or Graphic Design. If you are an accomplished artist take AP Art or AP Art History.

On you can take some courses in architecture. 3 I recommend are MITx - A Global History of Architecture, HarvardX - The Architectural Imagination, and University of Tokyo series called - 4 Facets of Japanese Contemporary Modern Architecture (multiple series). Also if you are good with computers you will benefit from getting ahead start on Revit which is a SketchUp software tool from Autodesk, you can get a student licence. There are others of course.

The last paragraph is for those who are clearly interested in showing some initiative to create a dialogue with their interviewers and for someone that wants to wow the AOs with a portfolio showing you know some basics. There learning curve is very steep on architectural rendering software, it's not like google docs. you will have to spend hundreds of hours getting good at it.

Cornell is always a top 5 Arch school so shoot for that.

These are the min. requirements.

Secondary-School Subjects/Requirements & Recommendations:

All departments: 16 units, including 4 of English, 3 years of foreign language, 3 of math, and 3 of science

Architecture: requires 4 years of math (calculus is recommended) and 1 of physics

Standardized Testing Requirements:

Cornell has suspended the SAT/ACT testing requirement for 2021 applicants but will be required in 3 years when you apply shoot for 33-36 on the ACT and 1480-1550 on the SAT.

Subject Tests are not required now but will be in 3 years when you apply.

International Students: TOEFL or IELTS, in addition to the above requirements minmum score of 100.

Special Requirements:


Portfolio required - Must be submitted via Cornell AAP SlideRoom portal

Interview required, virtual and in-person available. Details at

Best of luck.

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We have an architect in our family so I asked in case you were wondering. Regards.

@VeggieDance09/01/2020 at 09:05PM

I think this poster is a 9th grader so you have provided a full road map of what they need to do prior to applying to Architecture School. Looks more difficult than the typical undergrad application process.

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Really awesome and detailed answer from @CameronBameron! Just wanted to add that you might find our blog post helpful on the topic: There are two paths to becoming an architect, through a B.Arch or an M.Arch.

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Thank you so much!!!!!

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Just one question do I choose structure design then?

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If you have the background for it, as @CameronBameron said, then it sounds like the most relevant course, but also the most intensive. It's hard to say exactly without context of your background and the courses (are they HS courses, college, eDx?).

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Structural design isn't a high school level course. It's typically a track of courses you take for 18 credit hours. Here is the list of required classes to take at Syracuse currently Technologies- 12 credit hours

ARC 121 - Introduction to Building and Structural Systems

ARC 222 - Building Systems Design I

ARC 322 - Building Systems Design II

ARC 423 - Advanced Building Systems

Structures- 6 credit hours

ARC 211 - Structures I

ARC 311 - Structures II

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First of all, you must have a good knowledge of Art so I will say you go for structure design.