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Do Transgender Students have different acceptance rates?

I am a transgender (Male to Female) student, and am wondering how my identity may affect my chances at certain colleges. Are there any states I should absolutely avoid applying into, and are there any where I may have higher acceptance potential?

Any answers / advice will go a long way

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okay so the problem with this is that colleges want to seem as diverse as possible. so a lot of them advertise an LGBTQ friendly environment that isn’t there in reality. before committing to a school, i (as an LGBTQ person myself), would research:

• percentage of LGBTQ students at the school

•try to ask some of said LGBTQ students what their experience was like

•check legal rights in the state

•check legal rights in surrounding states (if the states have a history of following similar trends)

•check voting trends of the zip code and surrounding zip codes

•check legal protections against discrimination (ik that sounds the same as legal rights, but they’re different. by legal rights, i mean healthcare, etc. for this, i mean workplace legality and other).

•possibly research state case files relating to LGBTQ discrimination

•percentage of LGBTQ people in the state itself

•voting trends of the state

•the public education system (a lot of conservative states will first start infracting upon LGBTQ rights in schools to “protect the kids” cough cough Florida cough)

but anyways! i think ur chances will probably be improved in the vast majority of places. like i mentioned, schools want to seem as diverse as possible. GOOD LUCKKKK

a month ago

I’m personally not sure either but I did find this website.


If you click on a certain university it will specify why it may be unsafe. I’d also try to look into more liberal schools and states and places without heavy religious affiliations, of course that’s NOT to say that conservative or religious areas are automatically transphobic, but more liberal environments are likely to be more welcoming. :)

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