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EC's and Overall Improvement?

I'm currently an Asian American Female (class of 2027) at a large public high school in TX, and I'm hoping to go into marketing, finance, or corporate law. I want to know if there are any good ECs I can do to get into a really good school. I have quite a few schools in mind, but I would love to get into UPenn, NYU, USC, Boston University, and Georgetown as those are my reaches.

I want some advice on some ECs that will give me a boost on applications, along with how I can overall improve my application by the time I'm a senior

A little bit about me:

- 3.9/4.0 UW

- Household income = 150k - 200k

- 10 APs (planned) throughout high school (I'm currently taking AP Human Geography) and 2 dual enrollment courses.

- 8 honors/advanced (planned) by senior year

- Only on-level/CP classes are freshman English, sophomore chem, and electives.

- I have a talent for writing (I've won awards for it that can look good for Applications)

- Currently doing Student Council, NJHS (NHS is only for sophomores and above), and Girls Who Code.

- Will be/Hope to be doing DECA, Peer Leadership programs, Key Club, NHS, FBLA, Finance and Investment Club, Model UN, and Psychology Club at some point in high school.

Side note: My school district is split up into a main campus (10th-12th grade) and a separate school for 9th graders. There are not many activities and clubs to participate in besides sports and a few minor ones because most clubs are at the main high school campus. For sports, they are considered a class period and I won't have enough room on my schedule for any sport until Junior Year (I will probably do Tennis).

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