3 months ago
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Any good ECs for a clinical psych major?

I’m hoping to be a clinical psychologist later in life. One thing I’d like to do is have extracurriculars that reflect that. So far all my ECs are art based (advanced choir, writing, visual arts, etc.) I’ve always loved and been gifted in the arts and I’m sure those are some impressive skills, but I’d like some ECs that reflect what I want to pursue! Is there anything I can participate in that would show my passion for psychology?

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@Mak_without_a_c3 months ago

Omg we are like the same person! Currently, I am in a psychology club with my school. if you do not have one in your school you should def recommend it! we raise funds for a bunch of mental struggles, ex: suicide awareness, and learn a bit of psych in our meetings (our club advisor is the AP psych teacher)

[🎤 AUTHOR]@lynnie3 months ago

gotta love being talented in things you dont even want to pursue💔 lol thank you so much!

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