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Im planning on doing a finance major for university. Considering how popular finance majors are in universities in the US, does my rate of acceptance change as I’m picking something that lots of other students are applying to? Is the major I choose something I should worry about when it comes to my acceptance to universities? Extra information: I live in Florida and plan to stay here for university. I have a 3.9 unweighted gpa and a 4.8 weighted gpa. By the end of senior year I will have taken 9 AP classes ( I have passed all the ones I have taken previously taken) and I have about 5-6 clubs I’m currently active in. I have a relatively low sat that is in the high 1100s and will probably be around the high 1200s by the next time I take the sat.

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Here's a link to Quants and Poets which the leading blog for Business Majors. https://poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2019/12/20/average-sat-scores-at-the-leading-business-schools/2/

I don't know which Business Schools you are applying to but there are the Top 100 on this list with the corresponding avergage SAT scores. You can gauge for yourself where you stack up or intend to be after taking future tests.

As far as majors are concerned, there are 2 hurdles.

1.) Business School versus Arts and Sciences hurdle. B school is always more competitive than other college majors.

2.) Finance major versus Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Statistics, etc. Finance is the most difficult of the Business Majors at the undergad level. At the Grad level, I would say Quantitative Finance or Financial Engineering

So if you don't get your stats up, apply to the school of your choice and apply with a non-business major and transfer in. Look into all your options first. Most colleges don't teach difficult business classes Freshman year anyway. And some colleges want their students to know Calculus, Micro and Macro Econ before they start taking classes in their major anyway.

If you can take AP Stats, AP Micro AP Macro, and AP Calc before you enter college you will have huge advantage over other students because almost all business programs require those core subjects in a finance track.

(I have a relative who worked on WS in Derivatives trading who was a Finance major so I asked).


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