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How to get a graded paper during covid


So I plan on applying to Princeton and noticed that they require a graded paper from an English/social studies class as a part of their application. However, my junior English teacher graded our essays on physical paper and made comments there. These essays are all in a portfolio that is stuck at school. Since my school isn't reopening until further notice, how will I be able to get a graded paper for my application? None of my other english teachers have graded digitally either so I can't get a copy from them.


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I would reach out to 1) your Dean of Students/Principal 2) English Coordinator (head of the English Department if your school has one) and 3) your OLD english teacher (or new one if you want to use one of their papers) and email them all.

Explain that you are applying to Princeton (ED? if RD then this isn’t too pressing and the school might not make it a priority right now) and you need a graded paper. Your paper is in the school and you need to physically have it but due to COVId you’re not sure how you will get it. Propose some solutions like having it mailed, pick-up no contact, having it scanned and then emailed or faxed to you officially thru the school, etc. Just keep those 3 ppl in the loop so that if this is something that the school has protocol for they can alert you.

Best of luck!

@crsgo0422 has a great answer, and I just wanted to add that some schools may actually be requiring that teachers go into school to teach online classes, even if students aren't there. It could be easier to get your paper in this situation, though it sounds like that might not be the case for your school. If not, definitely reach out to the higher-ups suggested above (as well as your teacher) and see if you can coordinate something.
Princeton is Regular Decision fyi, they cancelled the Early Round.