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Finishing high school in one year

Hey :)

I’m a current sophomore in high school, but I’ve been trying to find programs to possibly complete high school during what would be my junior year and starting college early depending on ACT and PSAT scores for scholarships. I talked to my school counselor about it, and she said there wasn’t a way through my school, but what about online? Or maybe have my first year of college also count for my senior credits? I would have already met the core curriculum requirements by the end of next year, it’s just the additional 10-12 elective senior credits that my classes would be. There’s no other high schools around for me to ask about and my goal is to go to UW-Madison.

Thank you lots!


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2 months ago

It's great that you're exploring different options to complete high school early and potentially start college sooner. Although your school counselor mentioned there wasn't a way to do that through your school, there are still alternative paths to consider. One option is to explore online high school programs that may allow you to complete your remaining credits at an accelerated pace. You could search for accredited online high schools that offer flexibility in completing your coursework. Another option is to consider dual enrollment, where you can take college courses that count toward both your high school diploma and college degree. Since you mentioned your goal is to attend UW-Madison, you can research their dual enrollment program to see if it aligns with your goals.

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