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Does this AP class count?

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So my freshman year I signed for AP Human Geo one of only 2 AP classes available before junior year. However, at thanksgiving break I transferred out of the school. I then moved to a school that doesn't offer any AP classes. It was replaced with a non honors non AP/IB course. I then moved back to said school at the start of sophomore year.

APHG is year-long course and I have the half-semester I was in the class on my transcript.

I have 3 questions:

1. Does the half-semester of APHG boost my rigor?

2. Also is it okay to boost my AP/IB classes count in the chancing profile? (I currently don't count it)

3: Will it count as much as a full class in terms of rigor boost? If no how much will it count?

I know I will not get college credit.

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Can someone explain why this is downvoted as this follows guidelines and is a legit undergrad question? Im just baffled.
it’s probably because it’s a very personal you-specific question. happens to all of us here lol… generally questions that are more generic or can apply to the college process in whole are more likely to be well-received, but also ppl just see a downvoted question and downvote it more ig

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Personally… I think it would count not necessarily for total AP rigor but more to illustrate the point that where available, you took the most advanced rigor that you could. Since you never actually completed the course (1/2 semester or a quarter is like two months) I wouldn’t add it to your chancing profile since you also didn’t take the exam/get credit. I would think of it more like a bonus where AOs will see that on your various transcripts there are some AP classes that you took at a school were you were able. This will also help them understand that at the other school you were in Freshman year you didn’t take APs cause you just couldn’t.

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Half a semester marginally boosts your rigor, but not enough that you should put it in your chancing profile. It does show that you were taking advantage of the challenging courses at your school though, as @crsgo said. It's really hard to say exactly what sort of impact it has since it's not a full course or semester. If you were to self-study for the exam and get a 3 or above, then it would have more of a tangible impact (that doesn't mean you should necessarily do this, especially if you have other priorities).

In any case, if you did well in that first half-semester, it should at least show that you're up for academic challenges, especially being a freshman and taking one of two AP classes available. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

My school uses increments of 7 so a 93 = A 85 = B etc. I got a B
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I highly doubt that 1 AP class would make a difference to the admissions officers and drastically affect your chances using the chancing calculator. Having taken it half a semester is still better than nothing and shows that you tried to challenge yourself. Moving to a different school is definitely out of your control and you won't be penalized for it.

It was half a semester not half a year. The reason I asked about the CV chancing is I’m currently toying with it and at one school if I add 2 AP classes I clear the rigor requirement which I don’t do currently. I haven’t tested adding 1 though.
Well try adding 1. I'm sure 1 ap class won't make a difference to colleges.
I'd say that half a semester is pretty insignificant though and you likely only touched on the basics of your course. I could be wrong but it likely won't help much in your admissions. It would still show that you tried which is something. But like I said the situation was out of your control so it won't look bad that you couldn't finish it.
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The short answer is that Yes it counts.

Yes, because it's on your transcript and it's a legitimate AP Class.

The long answer is that it may not count towards getting college credit unless you sign up for AP HG and get a qualifying score of 3,4,5 on it depending on which college you are applying to. Some schools as you know don't give AP Credit, some may not include AP HG as college credit transferable and some may only take 4 and 5s.

Since the CV chancing profile is really only a tool to help you figure out your current chances, I would say it's okay to include AP HG on your chancing profile.

Happy to help. Comment if you need more help.

Thanks! I know I will not get college credit but was talking about if it will count towards my rigor. I’ll clarify that.
Yes, it does add to your course rigor.