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Should I retake a class?

So right now I have an unweighted GPA of around 3.3 (at the end of this year I should have around 3.46). I did really bad in 9th grade and got 4 C's (2 c's in the first semester, 2 c's in the second semester). I got a C- in 8th grade while taking an algebra 1 course that counted towards my HS credit. This was during the pandemic. My district has a policy that allows families to remove bad grades that counted towards HS credit in middle school so I think I am going to remove that one. I am ahead in credits (I am a junior and at the end of this year I will have 18.5 credits, when I should have 16 to be on track to graduation), so I don't think that removing this from my transcript will affect me. I also only attained .5 credits from this class in middle school since I only completed 1 semester. Anyways, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to retake the classes from 9th grade to try to get A's. I got two b's in sophomore year, and one in my junior year so far, so I think it is realistic to assume I will have all or mostly all a's in senior year. I calculated some things and based on my grades, if I retake the classes I got a C in and get an A, as well as remove the middle school C-, I will have a GPA of 3.8 unweighted, assuming I get all a's in senior year. If I don't remove anything or redo anything, my GPA at the end of senior year will probably be 3.6. Is it worth it? For reference, I want to apply to Stanford, UCLA, or UC Berkeley (I don't live in California so I know my chances are even lower to being accepted). I did horribly in 9th grade due to it being probably one of the worst years of my life. In case this matters, I am first gen, Hispanic, and low income. I am also taking a lot of AP classes as well as dual enrollment, and so far, I am getting good grades (I got a B+ in AP English, but the rest of my AP's have been straight A's so far). I have decent EC's. This summer I am conducting cancer research with college advisors and I am also starting a business. During my last year of HS I will volunteer 30 hours in researching a specific disease (idk which yet), and in 10th grade I did Chess Club as well as Girls Who Code. I am not asking what my chances are into getting into these schools, but I wanted to share my EC's to demonstrate that I am really trying here. What should I do with my GPA? Should I retake the classes and boost my GPA significantly, or leave it as it is? What would colleges like to see? Please let me know, this is really stressing me out.

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The UC system does NOT factor 9th grade into the GPA at all, so if those are your primary targets I would say it's definitely not worth retaking classes. Take a look at the other specific schools you are applying to and see what their systems are like. Also consider that colleges want to see growth - so if your grades were lower in 9th grade but all went up from there, that's generally ok. Most colleges that take a holistic approach to admissions understand that 9th grade is a big transition year and grades can reflect that.

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Hi ! I will say to first take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Now if you think it would benefit you positively to your grades, it's easy work and you're able to do so, by all means. If it's extra work I don't think it's worth it. Your EC's present and future are outstanding on their own. If you want the extra boost I'll say go for it. There's no harm in going the extra mile. I had a similar situation with COVID-19 and classes I took hurt my GPA, though I wasn't able to retake them. If you have the opportunity go for it! Colleges specifically those like UC Berk want to see not only your academics but you as a person, don't forget that!

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