3 months ago
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I need opinion on my future sophomore class schedule

This is my future sophomore class schedule








I know this is a lot, so I need some help with what I can do over the summer to study for these classes, and suggestions too.

Thank you very much!

@SleepDeprived3 months ago [edited]

That actually doesn't seem that unfeasible of a courseload IMO (but I am a lil crazy). AP seminar really isn't that hard of a class, you just have to focus on not procrastinating. From what I've heard Environmental sci isnt that hard?? Also AP precalc is a freebie 4/5 so don't sweat that one too much if you decide to take it. BIG DISCLAIMER: Ask around what people think of the teachers for those classes are. I took AP Chem cuz I loved it and it was easy for me but ended up dropping because the-

@SleepDeprived3 months ago [edited]

teacher was awful. You really wanna get a good idea of ur teachers. DISCLAIMER 2: Watch the college board videos, not all of em, but watch the ones about the tests and stuff if ur required to take em or want to. ALSO!!!! Khan academy is ur best friend! Almost all if not all of these courses will have some content coverage on khan academy. if you do all this stuff, budget ur time, and don't procrastinate (like me) you'll do great!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@_KC_3 months ago

Yea, most of the APs here are considered "easier" than most APs, and thank you for showing me the tips! I forgot that Khan Academy existed lol, and it is good.

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3 months ago

Hey :) I’m currently in Spanish 2 and AP World, so my advice for those are:

For Spanish 2, do e v e r y assignment PLEASE. Study the conjugations heavily. The vocabulary has been pretty easy but the conjugations take a lot of getting used to (for me anyways).

For AP World, find some graphic organizers online and fill them out. This will sort of prepare you for the content. There’s also these really great study guides I found a couple days ago and I’ve been using them to help me study for my AP exam, and here’s the link to the site: kaptest.com/study/ap-world-history/ap-world-history-modern-study-guides/

Good luck and I wish you all the best!!

3 months ago

There is this site called “Coursera” and you can pick a subject/major and watch lecture style videos uploaded by professors from colleges. There’s usually a little quiz at the end of each video and it’s free and non-binding so you don’t have to commit to it

3 months ago

HI ! So I can only speak on behalf of the subjects I have taken of course. Starting with Spanish is a pretty straightforward language to learn. Use more than Duolingo I beg. It's good for vocabulary words but do not rely solely on it. My Spanish teacher (who I hold dear to my heart) emphasized reading in Spanish, we used a site called "Flangoo" you do have to pay, but it was paid for by our school. But I'm sure it's other applications to read in different languages Again Spanish Two isn't difficult but it is more conjugation and grammar-heavy. So just practice conjugation verbs and learn words you'll use regularly. For AP Psych we worked religiously out of a textbook, I'm not sure of the name but we had numerous writing assignments, and dedicated chapters to highlight and go through. The best tip for me was to go over highlighted sections at least 3 times a week and keep track of all the psychologists and theorists as they circle (especially Freud). Also, note the 12 schools of psychology as they are very important. Those are basics that are helpful to know when you begin analyzing. I'll also say that unless you plan on graduating early it might be better to spread out your AP classes especially content-heavy courses like psych and world Hope this helps :)

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