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School's Application or Common App?

Hi! I wanted to know if applying with the individual application for a certain school is better than applying with the common app. I really want to be accepted into the University of Minnesota, and I'm wondering whether to apply with the Golden Gopher application or the Common App (like I'm doing for my other college choices). Thanks!

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2 years ago

Colleges that accept the Common App sign a statement that they will not favor their own school-specific application over the common application. Schools differentiate themselves on the Common App by requiring their own individual supplemental essays (of which Minnesota has two, I believe) so as long as you put in the time on those individualized portions of your application, you shouldn't be treated any differently by applying with the Common App.

2 years ago

More and more schools are using the Common App, meaning an increasing amount of students are too. Since there shouldn't be bias, I would apply with the Common App (like you are doing for your other college choices). As long as you fill out every portion carefully and thoughtfully you should be fine. Using the Common App is a bonus because it groups all your applications in one space which is super convenient.


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