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What’s a cool online thing I can do as an EC activity to help with my college apps later?


I’m looking to do more things that show leadership, but my HS doesn't offer much right now. Are there things I can do on the internet instead of in person, especially things that are impressive for applying to college?

I’ve got an OK GPA, but not like spectacular. I am interested in horses and animal rights. I don’t drive so there’s little I can do in person near where I live. Have done some writing just for myself, so could probably help / volunteer with something writing related, or animal welfare. How do I find these opportunities and how to apply?


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I think the best thing to do is to create a group or club at your school. There really just aren't online extracurriculars, besides applying for summer programs and getting into one of those. You can't show leadership or involvement by staying home at your computer.

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Even though it's not online a club at school might make a lot of sense! Or I wonder if you can start a non-profit/do a fundraiser for something related to animal welfare? Maybe even try to make it an annual event at your school where you can raise money. You might be able to do a lot of this online. Like raising awareness of the event, gathering members, collecting donations, etc.

But I think finding something "cool" online might be a might more difficult. You mentioned you like writing - have you looked into any blogging opportunities? Or doing guest posts for sites? I think if you were able to find something where you can contribute content on a regular basis - and get a solid number of views - that could show involvement. If you could become a senior contributing member that might count as leadership too! Maybe these writing opportunities can be related to your love for animals too.

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Ok, so this might be a bit more involved than you're looking for (but colleges like to see involvement) and would be easier if you have hobbies you didn't mention (like drawing or something) but have you considered running an e-business? I think you might be able to combine some of your interests like some of the other answers suggest.

Maybe you're really good at drawing, or you enjoy making things, or are solid at photoshop or editing. But basically you could start a business online selling something you make or maybe it could be short stories you write? You could even donate some of the income to animal welfare non-profits! Or for every purchase you could do something for a local animal shelter. But I think building your own online business would show initiative, leadership, talent and probably other things I can't even think of. Just make sure if you do this you're dedicated. It would be bad if you posted this as an EC and the admissions officer checks out your shop just to find you're not actually selling anything or your website is broken!