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College application portfolio (attempting to apply to ivies in the future).

Hey y'all, want to see what u guys thought of my current portfolio as of rn. (11th grade btw) I have a 4.13 unweighted? gpa which'll increase to 4.2+ by the end of the year. I have been doing fencing for the last 5ish years and I've been competing at the national level since my first year. I have been training in karate for almost a decade and have been teaching/ta'ing since 2016. I have recently lead a team in a coding competition for NASA (also hoping to get a NASA internship). I have been nationally recognized by college board due to academic excellence. I am a current member of my schools academic society. I have 3 published papers which were aided by my father (ivy league multi-time graduate with multiple doctorates and masters degrees). I have 90+ community service hours and have done (so far 6, planning on doing 3-4 more next year) AP courses, and am top 13 in my class.

Edit: I am planning to repeatedly do the ACTS until I get a 33~34+ so that is also gonna be another variable.

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@GalaxyRunner2 months ago

That's pretty neat! What are you planning to major in or are majoring in? You seem like an engineering student to me haha

[🎤 AUTHOR]@SleepDeprived2 months ago

Funnily enough, I'm leaning towards neuroscience (which was a funnily timed epiphany I had during a visit to Harvard). Also business and generally just medical studies/doctor-ish stuff, and engineering is definitely on the list but all of em I love and do have some good skills in but rn its super hard to choose just one major

@GalaxyRunner2 months ago

That's really cool. I get business well myself, intending to be an economics major and perhaps a finance minor. You should give neuroscience a shot as your major if you are inclined towards it! Maybe put in a business minor too, if you intend to go down that route. I wish you all the best. This is coming from a rising freshman (high school), so that's my two cents ;)

@GalaxyRunner2 months ago

Oh and replying to your message this all looks really good. Definitely develop your specialization and focus on relevant ECs. Community service is generally a gray area since you should aim to demonstrate the impact your work has made.

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2 months ago

Your portfolio looks quite impressive, showcasing a strong academic background and diverse extracurricular involvement. It's great to see that you've been able to excel in various areas, such as fencing, karate, coding, and academics. Regarding your plans to improve your ACT score, it's a good idea to aim for a higher score to strengthen your application further.

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