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How to get class rank up?

I am currently in ninth grade with a 97 average, (we calculate our grades on a 100 scale, and have unweighted GPA). But, last year I was taking Algebra 1 and Earth Science a year before, and I didn't try hard enough. I ended up with a 91.67 average. I feel so discouraged because now I am 19th in my class out of 108, and would like to be in the top 10. How can I increase my class rank, is it even possible?

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2 months ago

I remember the Algebra I and Earth Science courses; I myself had struggled more so with Earth Science, but both subjects presented unique difficulties. As you are in the ninth grade, you have plenty of time to improve your GPA, however, for a more direct and immediate approach, you could attempt extra credit, review harder for important exams/test grades, complete projects with dedication, and direct greater focus towards midterms/finals as they affect your GPA more. I would advise you to invest in courses as well externally from school if you are uncertain on a current subject. Don't be discouraged!

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