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Hey :)

I’m currently a sophomore in highschool, but I feel like I haven’t really done enough. Even though I had straight A’s in middle school, I wasn’t allowed to take honor’s courses during freshman year because of curriculum issues of my previous school. Now in sophomore, I’m taking the honor’s courses and the 1 AP available to me, but I’m not doing anything outside of school besides working and making music.

Over the summer, I plan to volunteer at the nursing home (there’s no hospital around for me to volunteer at, otherwise I’d do that) for 10-15 hours a week as well as maintaining my job, and my junior schedule will be:

AP Biology

AP Physics



Personal Fitness


AP Literature & Composition

US History 201 (a dual credit course through a local university)

Spanish 3

I plan to either play basketball or join Key Club, NHS, and DECA, or may play and join only one. My senior year will look roughly the same in regards to the class type and rigor. I’m planning to maintain an unweighted GPA of about 3.8, and take my ACT until I get 33+, however many times that may be.

My career goal is to go into research for either biophysics or astrophysics. Is what I’m doing enough to be considered for semi-competitive universities? (Does not have to be ivy lol)



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2 months ago

It's great that you're reflecting on your academic and extracurricular activities! Your sophomore year looks strong academically, and your plans for junior year also seem challenging and well-rounded. Regarding extracurriculars, it's essential to find activities that align with your interests and demonstrate your commitment and leadership.

Since you mentioned an interest in biophysics or astrophysics research, have you considered looking for research opportunities or internships related to these fields in your area? This could help you gain valuable experience and showcase your passion for your intended major.

In addition to research opportunities, it's great that you're planning to volunteer at a nursing home and join clubs like Key Club, NHS, and DECA. These activities will help you develop your leadership skills and show colleges your involvement in your community.

Considering your academic performance, extracurriculars, and career goals, I believe you have a strong profile for semi-competitive universities. However, it's essential to continue challenging yourself academically and staying involved in activities that align with your interests.

Which extracurriculars are you most passionate about or interested in pursuing further?

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