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What extracircculars can I pursue for Marine science?

Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding extra circulars. For some background information, I am currently a sophomore but I’m moving to another state for my junior and potentially senior year. During my first two years, I have felt like I have not gathered enough extracurriculars to satisfy some colleges on my list. Is it too late to join clubs as a junior? Should I focus on other extracurriculars instead? What kind should I invest in if I am interested in Marine sciences and Zoology? Thank you so much. ( ◠‿◠ )

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I am not familiar with marine science EC's so I used Ivy assistant:

Certainly! Engaging in marine science-related extracurricular activities is a fantastic way for your friend to explore their passion and demonstrate their commitment to this field. Here are some examples:

Aquarium or Marine Science Center volunteer: Many aquariums or marine science centers offer volunteer opportunities, giving your friend hands-on experience and the chance to work with marine life.

Coastal Cleanup: Participating in local beach cleanups or joining organizations like Ocean Conservancy demonstrates environmental awareness and commitment to preserving marine ecosystems.

Marine Science Club: If there isn't already a marine science club at your friend's school, they can start one to create a community of students interested in marine biology, oceanography, and conservation.

Research or internships: Your friend could seek out research opportunities or internships with local marine-related organizations, universities, or government agencies.

Citizen Science Projects: Participating in citizen science projects, such as monitoring local water quality or tracking marine species, allows your friend to contribute to ongoing research.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling Club: If your friend is passionate about underwater exploration, they could join or start a scuba diving or snorkeling club to share experiences and learn about marine ecosystems.

Attending Marine Science Camps or Workshops: Summer camps or workshops focused on marine science provide immersive experiences and can help your friend build a network of like-minded individuals."

The advice I always give to peers is to never join EC's just to have more EC's. Stay focused; quality over quantity. If you find a few opportunities that require a lot of commitment, diligence, and involvement, that can be better than just joining as many clubs as you can cram in :) Simply find ways to pursue what you are passionate about and what you love; the rest will fall into place. If you really love it, ECs won't feel like an obligation and rather become a way to begin your dream career now!

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