20 days ago
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Hi, I have a bunch of questions regarding law and career.

I want to study law but I am pretty unsure what degrees/Jobs are the top paying.

I am pretty interested in those jobs that are shown in the criminal documentaries/investigations. I have truth interests in Forensic science, Criminal Justice, International relations, criminology, political science, legal studies/justice, public relations.

I have an interest in being a lawyer, judge/attorney or doing it later in life. I want to be an actress but I also want to be a lawyer, I want to do it as a later career in life.

I want to do this but also have another degree like IT/Computer science, Liberal arts, real estate.

So my questions are as follows:

Do I necessarily need to study real estate or can I just do a course and become a real estate agent? (I want to do real estate as a side hustle)

Can I be enrolled in two universities (Online and physical)?

Can I study two different majors at the same time? Eg IT and Criminology. (dual degree/Double major).

What are the top law majors/degrees and Jobs?

What internships can I do around Arlington Texas that can secure me a good job or give me experience?

Does Howard University allow double majors or degrees?

What top universities allow double majors/degrees? (Do they allow customization?)

What extra curricular can I do that’ll give me experience?

What subjects/courses can I take in high school for exposure?

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19 days ago

I also don’t know MUCH about law but I can answer a couple. Dual majors are very possible but it depends on where you go, so you just have to research the specific colleges. For extracurriculars, debate is a good one. Courses: @_KC_ was right with the APs, also take a criminalistics class if offered and some extra English (any dual credit English classes and AP/honors English). My school offers a “Principles of Leadership” class and that may pertain a bit if yours offers something similar. Political science courses and Government may also benefit you.

19 days ago

Hey @mariam_bello! Since I do not know about Law degrees (My preferred major is business), I can't tell you much, but for subjects and courses, I recommend you take APs, as law major/degree is pretty competitive.

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