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Am I doing enough with my extracurriculars for competitive universities?

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out! I am currently a sophomore in high school with a 4.12 unweighted and 4.89 weighted GPA. I aim to go into the medical field, and I also have an interest in writing. My dream school is WashU, and I am looking at others such as UNC, BU, and Tufts. Here are the classes I am currently taking:

Honors English II

Honors Studio Art I

AP Biology (only AP available to sophomores at my school)

Honors Civics

Honors Geometry

Honors French III

Here are the classes I plan to take junior year:

AP Literature

AP Art History

AP Chemistry

AP US History

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors French IV

And here are the classes I plan to take senior year:

AP Lang

AP Physics

AP Government

AP Calc (AB vs BC is undecided)

AP French

Humanities (required)

As for my extracurriculars:

-Cheerleading: (plan to do all four years, captain junior and senior year, trying out for All-American this summer)

-Dance: Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet, averaging around 6 hours a week

-National Honor Society

-Student Government: Secretary throughout middle school, class vice president 9th and 10th, class president 11th

-Book Club: Co-leader, 10th, plan to continue through 11th and 12th

-Creative Writing Club: Co-Founder and leader, 10th, plan to continue through 11th and 12th

-Student Ambassador: I run open houses, give tours, and host new students. 9th, 10th, plan to continue

- Adoption fair volunteer: I work with an organization on select saturdays to help run an adoption fair

Here is what I plan to do:

- Co-found and be the main editor of my school's literary magazine

- Be president of the National Honor Society my Senior year

- Volunteer at my nearby hospital this summer (I applied today)

- Eventually publish my own novel (or short stories)

- Get a job at a local coffee shop this summer

- Participate in MUN next year

- Participate in Mock Trial next year

Here are some of my awards:

- Superior ranking in the State Literary rally for french extemporaneous speaking

- Gold award for the National French Exam

This year I also took the PSAT and the Pre-ACT. I got a 1240 on the PSAT and a 32 on the Pre Act. So, pretty low for the schools I am thinking of applying to.

Is this doing enough for some of the top universities? If I'm not doing enough, what part of my "application" could I improve upon?

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18 days ago

It's great to see that you have a well-rounded selection of courses and a strong commitment to your extracurricular activities. Your academic performance and involvement in various clubs and activities demonstrate your dedication and passion for both the medical field and writing.

To further strengthen your application, consider the following:

Focus on leadership positions and impact: You've taken on leadership roles in certain clubs and activities, which is great. Try to make a tangible impact in these roles, whether it's organizing events, fundraising, or initiating projects that benefit your school or community.

Deepen your involvement in the medical field: Since you're interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, consider seeking out more opportunities related to healthcare, such as internships, research opportunities, or shadowing medical professionals.

Improve standardized test scores: As you mentioned, your PSAT and Pre-ACT scores are on the lower side for the schools you're considering. Preparing for and retaking these tests can help improve your chances of admission.

Develop your writing skills and achievements: Since you're passionate about writing, consider submitting your work to writing contests or publications to showcase your talent and dedication.

Remember, college admissions look for students who demonstrate their passion, commitment, and impact in their chosen fields. Keep focusing on your strengths and interests, and continue seeking opportunities for growth and development.

What specific areas would you like to focus on improving or exploring further?

18 days ago

So far ur portfolio is pretty darn good. The only thing you need to be cautious of is maintaining that amazing gpa and getting sat/act scores up to 1450+ and/or 34+ and you'll be golden.

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