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How to up my extracurriculars and gpa?

I'm currently a homeschooled sophomore and have a pretty weak list of extracurriculars.

I have been a member of:

a local homeschooling group,

a swimming club,

and a youth group.

Due to the area I live in, there aren't many clubs or extracurriculars that I can participate in. However, I do have the opportunity to join clubs online, but I'm wondering if they are even considered valid for college applications. Fortunately, my family is moving to a possibly better area than where we are currently located. I'm wondering if I should just wait it out until then or join such online clubs.

Moreover, my GPA is 3.4, and I wish for it to be 3.6+. I am currently struggling with math and have to review concepts on the weekends in order to catch up. Is this a good idea, or should I just get tutoring? (although it is expensive, I am willing to get a job to pay for the costs.) I don't have the opportunity right now to take honors or dual enrollment (I had the opportunity, but we moved), but I have taken AP classes (AP HG, AP ELC, and AP CSP) and plan on taking 4 more, which are AP BIO, AP STATS, AP MICRO, and APUSH. (Bio and Stats are especially important to me, as my community college major will be in general biology, and will transfer to UF's vet school afterwards) 

I'm planning on taking the SAT during my senior year, but I believe I might also have a few unique challenges due to my age (ahem, money problems causing me to miss school for a year), but my goal is to get a 1550 since I plan on applying to UF's vet school after going to MDC. But if there are such unique challenges, how might I be able to pass them in order to take the SAT?

Thank you,

ANC :)

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12 days ago

Depends on how confident you are at self-review/study. If you think that your own work alone is going to get you the grades you want, then go ahead. If you feel like you are shaky on stuff and you working everything out yourself isn't doing well, get a tutor. Also, depending on how much you worked on the digital SATs, but the ACT is currently in a way better state of leniency when it comes to scores. The trick for all of these nasty standardized tests is just practice. My tutor for the SATS got a perfect score on both the SAT and ACT because he did 25 practice tests. If you just practice enough, you'll get that score.

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