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Is there any AP Physics C courses that could be taken online or just apart from regular schooling?

I am currently a freshman in high school with AP Physics 1 possibly being set so that I can take it in my sophomore year. This means I will have AP Physics 1 and 2 done before senior year and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to learn about AP Physics C in my own time. I believe it may help my chances of getting into my dream school MIT and would like to do whatever I can to achieve that dream.

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14 days ago

A lot of the universities have online high school programs you can sign up for. Your best bet is to ask your high school counselor if there are some approved courses they will accept for school credit and include them on your transcript. If so, you usually have to get the course approved before you register. If not, you can select a program and have the record sent directly to the colleges you apply to. The programs can be pricey though. We just signed up for one through the University of Texas at Austin that is $520. Good luck.

14 days ago

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