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Are there any good websites that can help international students with the SATs and AP exams?

I am from England and am really wandering if there are any good websites that help you with SATs and APs, I had managed to find places that hold all the exams but its just a case of actually learning what to do for the exams.

I have just started my freshman year, making it harder for me to actually learn what's required for AP courses and certain parts in SATs.

If anyone could give me some links, that would be really helpful.

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2 years ago

Khan academy has 10 real and free SAT practice tests on their website. I highly recommend using this. It also provides tips and lessons for parts of the test. https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat

There are also many SAT practice tests on reddit.


Some other great sources for these tests that also teach you content on the exams would be Kaplan, princeton review, and Barrons, but they require you to pay.

For ap tests, there are also many videos on youtube from last year for all of the tests on the college board advance placement channel


2 years ago

AP Resources:

-Fiveable is a great AP resource - it offers classes that last an entire semester for most AP classes regardless of whether you are enrolled in the class or not at a school. It isn't free however.


- CollegeBoard itself has many practice exams and I would highly suggest taking the released AP exams from previous years to better understand the flow of the test and what content is seen on it.

(there is no specific link for this but if you search up the AP you want to study for you should get it)

- For specific AP's like AP World History, AP Government or AP U.S. History, I recommend using Heimler's History or Crash Course - both have free videos on youtube that explain the content really well.

Hemilers History: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_bOoi0e3L3SJ1xx5TZWHPw

-Albert.io also has pretty good AP review resources


Hope you found this helpful!

2 years ago

Although I highly recommend you order an SAT study book, here are a few resources:

- Khan Academy is great website that offer SAT practice tests

- SuperTutor on youtube has nice videos and also offers study courses but they need to be bought

- In case you plan on taking the SAT Essay, KalisEDU has great sample Essays: https://www.kallisedu.com/sat-essay-samples

- The College Board also has sample English Questions and Math Questions to practice on as well

Hope this helps


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