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03/04/2020 at 08:13PM


Hello I am a freshman in high school and we are picking our classes for sophomore year. I take my schoolwork seriously and do the best I can, One of my classes that I had this year was Physical Science I didn’t do my best and I could have done much better. I have a passing grade in that class but this is my problem I wanted to take Cp Bio but I can’t & have to take regular bio, I’m bummed because I really wanted to take the cp class instead of regular because it looks better for colleges. My question is since I have to take regular bio is that still good if I get good grades to impress colleges?

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03/05/2020 at 09:32PM

How colleges look at your class roster and grades will depend on a lot of factors, but the most important thing is to make the best of what you have. It sounds like you don't really have any other options right now, so just do the best that you can in regular Bio next year. If you do really well, you might be able to move up a level in whatever you take the year after (and colleges will often put more emphasis on junior and senior year). In any case, a good grade in any course is always going to help you.

03/06/2020 at 11:09PM

Try not to stress about this too much. You're only a freshman and like @jcdenton said a lot of colleges will put more emphasis on your junior and senior year grades. I've even heard of some colleges omitting freshman year grades from your application all together.

There's ways this can still look OK for you too. Colleges like to see your grades continually improving and challenging yourself academically. Do well in your regular bio class (better than your physical science grade) and demonstrate to your teacher/school that you can handle the more challenging classes. If you can get into one of the harder ones, continue to do well (ideally even better grades than your regular bio class) and show everyone that this one bad grade was just a fluke. They'll just chalk up the first bad grade to you adjusting to high school life.