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Do my stats look good for a school like BU?

I am a sophomore going into junior year and I am planning on having a total of

9 APs

5 honors

I currently have a 3.9 unweighted GPA

For my extracurricular activities:

I work part-time at a pizza place during the school week and full-time during the summer

As of now I have 53 community service hours and plan on getting more

I run a civics club which helps seniors register to vote and run a mock voting day

I'm in chorus and intend on staying in it for the whole four years.

I am a student liaison for my school with the state.

And if everything goes right I should be interning for someone in my state house.

Part of NHS

For awards, I have:

A note of excellence from the state

Placing in the top three of the Patriot Pen writing contest multiple times

My dream school is BU and I just want to heighten my chances of getting in, since it is a hard-to-impress school.

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@iandorrer13 days ago

Definitely! Looking at your stats, you seem ready and prepared for college. Your stats show that you are a leader and are excelling at school with A's. They would have no reason to defer you

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14 days ago

yup. standardized tests would also be good to have. BU is pretty selective, but for generally getting in you should be good.

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