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Should I take AP World History or Spanish 3H?

I am an incoming 10th grader and sadly the Spanish and AP World History class are the same period, so I have to pick. But I don't know which one to pick because I have heard bad things about the World History teacher and I know the class can be really hard, and intense, but Spanish is an important class for me to take and I want to learn more about Spanish. The other thing is I know having more years of language looks good on college admissions. What should I do?

Edit: I forgot to say that I also really enjoy learning history and I know the APWH goes into a lot of history.

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14 days ago

You kind of answered this question yourself. If, at your school, AP World is known to be a difficult class, then I would recommend not taking it. It's better to not take an AP class if it's going to harm your GPA (and mental wellbeing) than to take that class and suffer through it. Also, you say that you want to learn more about Spanish and that it's an important class to take. If you want to take a course, take it instead of some very difficult AP class, as a lack of motivation can be detrimental to your GPA. Plus, more years of a language does look good on college admissions. I mean, so does an AP class, but in this case, taking Spanish 3H would be better than AP World. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.

13 days ago

Spanish 3H for sure,, colleges look at the amount of years you stick to Spanish and it would look good having more spanish years in a row. You can probably take AP world history the year after and prepare early on if it is a harder class. That's just my opinion!

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