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Would I be able to set up a more in-depth tour of a college? And how would it work?

There was no specific place to put questions about college tours so I figured here would work

I am currently a freshman in high school, having toured MIT back in early Spring of my 8th grade year. I toured Caltech this year and was wondering if any more in-depth tours are possible, maybe meeting some professors who teach the subjects I am interested in. Would a simple email do the trick or how else would I be able to do this?

I would like to show interest and drive towards my goal colleges early on and I feel this would be an excellent way to do this. If anyone has had or knows how you can have an in-depth tour answers would be greatly appreciated!

@iandorrer13 days ago

Me, personally I feel freshman is a bit too young to tour a college in depth. You should keep your mind open and focus more on your studies. When you visit a college for the first time, you should just feel the vibe, and be open.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Lennie13 days ago

I've toured both MIT and Caltech so far, I would like to be able to create connections within those communities and really learn more academically. I'm working on all my studies and the touring is just a side thing every once and a while.

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