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Hi everyone!

I'm currently a junior(class of 2025) and I'm so lost. I want to study Nursing in a state university on a scholarship and i have no idea how to go about it especially since I'm aspiring to be an international student. My home country doesn't offer AP classes and we don't really volunteer in my school. I also got 1160 on my SAT and have a 4.5 GPA currently. What can I do to get into a good state uni on a scholarship by next year??

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Also, does helping my school set up tables and chairs for free for events and tutoring lower grades for free count as volunteering?...I also play badminton and basketball but only as a leisure sport. Do college essays help?

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You could use it and say you were part of an events committee, displaying organisational skills. You could use the tutoring to show how you excel in certain subjects and passed on the passion and knowledge to younger generations free of cost as you believe education should be an accessible tool. Unless sports are at a national level with a serious ranking, they are unlikely to be considered. Most colleges require essays, so yes.

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Explore state universities that offer scholarship programs that you may be interested in or eligible for. If you can't take AP classes, maybe try the online programs offered by ivy leagues to add to your application. If your school doesn't volunteer that's ok, you can always create your own initiative or foundation for a cause you're passionate about. This will show leadership skills and a genuine initiative due to the lack of volunteering (can also be used as an anecdote in your essay.) Maybe try retaking the SAT for a higher score and focus on upping your grades, universities like an upward curve.

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