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Will I get rescinded from Purdue ?

Hello, I was admitted to Purdue IBE program. My predicted grades for senior year were 97%, but I got 78%. Will I get rescinded ??

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@Jael_S238a month ago

Was there anything in your acceptance letter specifying that you must maintain a certain grade? Also, did you inform them of your predicted grades for senior year? B/c if that wasn't anywhere on your application, it may not matter...

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Nothing was written on my acceptance letter. Tho, I submitted my predicted grades which were 97%, and I received 78%.

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a month ago

Okay, so I used Ivy assistant to get some suggestions because I wasn't sure myself. Questions to answer:

"1. How significant is the drop in grades? In your friend's case, the drop from 97% to 78% is quite substantial, which may raise concerns for the admissions office.

2. Were there any extenuating circumstances that led to the decline in grades? Colleges might be more understanding if your friend faced challenges that impacted their academic performance.

3. How rigorous was their course load? If your friend took challenging classes, colleges might be more lenient in their evaluation.

Your friend should reach out to the admissions office at Purdue, honestly explain the situation, and provide any relevant context that led to the decrease in their grades. This proactive approach can demonstrate responsibility and a commitment to their education. Remember, though, that every college has its own policies, so the outcome may vary."

I hope that is helpful. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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