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Is my UCLA offer going to be rescinded?

Hey guys, so basically, I'm an international student who got admitted to UCLA and committed to it. However, I feel like I completely flunked my ib exams. I had an 'admissions contract' which stated that my admission may be subject to cancellation if I do not meet the requirements. One of the requirements was to get the predicted score in IB exams (i had 42/45 predicted with tok and ee, 40/42 without tok and ee) or 38+ / 42 points. I don't think I will get that, and I think I will probably get a 33/42. So I was wondering if someone has actually been rescinded because of something like this? My internal senior year grades are good, I have kept up the performance during my senior year and my grades havent really changed, I just choked in a couple of exams (which is unfortunate because I had horrible migraine episodes during them. During a few i couldnt even see through my left eye because of migraine aura). Please let me know the chances of me being rescinded for this. I truly dont want the last 4 years of HS to go to waste because of a couple of exams. Could I explain to UCLA the circumstances of my poorer performance?

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Yes! Absolutely explain the circumstances...especially if you know it was migraine aura. If you were to just say you had a headache, that would not have any weight. However you are submitting the scores, email them a polite email that briefly states the facts and what you were going through during the test.

And even if you do get rescinded, your 4 years of hs are NOT wasted. You may have to start at another school or a community college, but you can always transfer into UCLA. There are other ways to get to UCLA. Don't give up and don't believe the lie that this would waste all your hard work. When one door closes, a better one will open.

Hope this helps and please reach out if you have questions!

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