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can i get into an ivy with these stats?

hi there! i am wondering about my courses for the next few years and if those will help me get into an ivy adjacent or maybe even, if I'm lucky, an ivy.

as a freshmen, i didn't get much choice and wasn't allowed to take any APs.

my courses looked like this:


honors algebra 2

english 9

modern history

scene study/fundamentals of acting

i have approximately a 3.85 gpa (but we're about to take finals, so unsure how I'm going to end the year ahh)

and next year i am taking:

English (Honors toggle)

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Chemistry


AP Psychology from OSH

Honors Capstone (a project-based learning course)

Hebrew (outside of school)

is this enough to get me into an ivy-adjacent? my extracurriculars are good, but should I buff them up just in case? i am no athlete - other suggestions there? later on, I'll try to continue this course rigor but I'm not sure my gpa can handle it

thanks for anything! I'll take it all :)

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29 days ago

This looks decent to me, but I am not an expert, of course :)

Once you know what you want to do, be sure to take classes that reflect your career interests. Eg, if you are going to pre-med, take classes that are related to that (lots of science, health, etc.)

1 thought: I have heard some Ivies want 4 years of the same language. Please check the class requirements of each school you are interested in.

As far as EC's, I highly discourage just adding more to have a longer list. It is better to stay commited and highly involved in a few things. Quality over quantity. And focus the EC's you are passionate about. Do things you love. Colleges want to see passion!

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