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currently experiencing homelessness, gpa has dropped

Hi, I’m a rising junior. My family has been homeless during my second semester of sophomore year. I had to travel for over an hour just to make it to school and would often miss my first and second period classes. I did talk to my teachers about my situation but they didn’t do much to help me. Now my gpa has dropped to a 2.96 and I’m wondering what the next step is? I’m going to move with my other parent across the country but I will be housed again.

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21 days ago

Hey @ilivlaughluv,

That is definitely a rough situation that is beyond your control. Just by the way you typed this I can tell that you are a good student and genuinely work for your grades, but your circumstances are affecting the outcome.

There are a few things you can do. 1) When you apply to colleges, you can explain this situation in the Additional Information section. This is definitely something the admission officers need to know because it was beyond your control. 2) Once your situation is better and you have a home and a school closer to home, prove through your grades that your circumstances were the cause of low grades. If admission officers see your explanation, that you were homeless during this grade or this many months and THEN see the big improvement once your situation is better, they will without a doubt believe you.

It will be important to apply to colleges that don't have crazy high GPA requirements. Choose schools that you do have a chance with. And if you aren't accepted to the school that you wanted to attend, don't panic. You can take a semester or 2 of community college and then transfer in! The requirements for transfer students are often lower.

For now, just keep plugging away. I am so sorry your teachers do not help and that this is so hard. Please know that I am happy to help if you have any questions. The Collegevine community is a GREAT place to ask questions and get help virtually from peers on everything from picking classes, to prepping for tests, to picking major or college, and anything else you have questions about :)

Hope this helps and please reply with any questions!

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