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The school I attend is a virtual school. In previous posts, I have called myself homeschooled since idk if this qualifies or not, but I will elaborate a little bit. It is a part of a public school system, but it is a virtual option. This school is for designed for students who can't attend regular school due to physical and learning disabilities, safety concerns, and things like that. The school doesn't specifically mention that, but that's what the school consists of; mostly disabled students, or students facing difficulties regarding their safety. Anyways, I was offered a position on the leadership committee, which is basically like a student council. I will help make budgeting decisions and I will give advice to the staff about what the school could use. I wanted to know if this would be a valid form of leadership on college applications? I would be on the leadership committee starting this summer, to plan the next year, and my entire senior year.

There isn't a specific hierarchy in the committee (at least I don't think so), so I would just say that I was a part of this, without a title or anything of that sort. Like I asked above, would this be a valid form of leadership on college applications since the school is an alternative to a regular public high school?


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This could indeed be a valid form of leadership, offering a different perspective on a regular thing. You demonstrate an alternate take on leadership itself and I believe colleges would definitely be interested. Make sure to be as specific as possible with your role, title (just make up one closest to your responsibilities as such if your certificate or whatever compensation you are earning from the role doesn't say otherwise) and responsibilities that you have. Also don't forget to mention the time period through which you held the position, that really counts. Over all, you can sell your experience as a form of diversity, an alternative to traditional forms. All the best with your application!! Hope this helps. Cheers!

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