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Can I get into Columbia University GS with these stats? Also can I get a full ride ?

Here are my extracurriculars: I have plenty of extracurricular activities like being the vice president of my college’s debating club, president of my school’s debating club, have leadership skills cuz I started a calligraphy club in my college and successfully held a competition, got best anchor award in school and best junior actor award in college, performing in state theatres, am on dean’s merit list receiving a full tuition aid. Plus I have at least 5-6 publications by national and international publishers and I have also self-published a book. I have learnt a dead language in only four months and researched on it. Passed the exam on language with distinction for that language. Runner up of best research paper award, awarded best presentation in a conference. Raised funds for at least 5 months as an intern at two local NGOs, one for the Palestinians and another for underpriveleged children. Attended Summer school in the UK, received a certificate of excellence there. Attended a conference there. Won a state level painting contest in high school. Doing work on cultural preservation for fast vanishing cultures through research initiatives , secured $1000 in funding for it.

Academics: I am a straight A student scoring 4.0 GPA throughout my school and college.

Plus I have two letters of recommendation.


Intl student

Need full ride or tuition

Not first gen which helps in scholarship

Transfer student

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Hey there! I think that your E and C's are truly fantastic , your grade are also truly admiring. I really think that you can get in Columbia . Keep up the good work and you will definitely succeed.

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