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I am a rising senior and am dual enrolled at my high school and a four year university in KY. I am really interested in applying to BS/MD Programs. Currently, I have a 31 composite ACT score (hoping to bring that up soon) and a 3.95 unweighted GPA. I am only taking college courses my junior and senior years, so before I graduate high school I will have 60+ college credit hours and an Associates degree.

I have also conducted research in microbiology through the Genome Discovery and Exploration Program (GDEP) where I discovered my own bacteriophage. Done research in bioinformatics where I annotated the genome of different bacteriophages and will be doing a 8 week research internship in molecular biology this Summer. My bioinformatics research will be published soon where I will be a co-author.

I also participated at the one week research program at the Woods Hole Marine Biology Institute.

I also have shadowed multiple doctors in different fields, with 80+ shadowing hours. I also volunteer at an elementary school once a week and I won a $500 grant to support kids with autism and Down syndrome for my own service learning project.

I have been or am a part of many different clubs, having leadership positions at the school and state level. I also have won many awards at the region and state level.

With this information, how competitive of an applicant am I? What advice do you have for applying to BS/MD programs?

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Brown University, Howard, Indiana University and University of Missouri- Kanas City are the ones I have heard most about. University of Missouri- Kanas City and Howard are 6 years while the rest are 8 years I think.

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Great! Thank you

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