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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences vs. Double Major

Im looking at a few universities that have a bachelor of arts and sciences (B.A.S). Would there be any difference to do this type of bachelor vs a double major?


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2 years ago[edited]

Generally, to receive a B.A.S. degree, a student would need to complete the general requirements for a bachelor's degree and also the requirements for two different majors (those that fulfill a B.A. degree) and (those that fulfill a B.S. degree). The double major is essentially the same thing except you do not get a unique designation on your diploma (in some cases) that you did both curriculum tracks. Different schools do it their own way. (UC school diplomas will designate the Major versus the Minor right on the diploma, I haven't seen many examples of both Majors being delineated in typeface on the diploma)

Now if you enroll in a dual degree program, you get 2 diplomas at graduation a separate B.A and a separate B.S. or other variations like a B.Arch and B.S Finance.

Hope that helps.


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