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Does a transcript that is over 20 years old come back to haunt you?

Hello everyone. I am a 43 year old College freshman. My first College experience was a disaster because quite frankly my mother tried to sabotage me by telling me that I had to take the major that she wanted to take or she wouldn't pay for College etc. I ended up having a miserable time because of that and my gpa reflected that at the time, I ended up with a 1.7 gpa and tons of regret. Fast forward I ended up moving to Las Vegas and going to a CC there that allowed me to start over without my old transcript. Now though that I am back in New York the new CC I am attending wanted to see the transcript and they accepted it no problem. However, the fear comes in because when it is time for me to apply to University I don't know if it will count against me or not. Any advice here would be very welcome. Thanks

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Your transcript kind of doesn't matter, it is how you perform while you're in college. You won't get into Stanford or anything like that. But there are many great colleges you can get into with ease.

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