18 days ago
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Any high school programme recomendation for international students?

I'm currently in 11th grade (idk the equivalent to the US education level). I'm an international student and looking for high school programmes that could strengthen my qualification for application.

I have limited financial conditions so I prefer the programme to be either online or have a scholarship or financial aid option. It can be any programme ranging from online courses, conference, summer schools, etc. Any advice will be highly appreciated, thank you!


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17 days ago

hii! i'm an ambassador for the PITCH FOR THE FUTURE crimson competition.

Pitch for the Future is a global sustainability, team-based, short video competition for high school and college students who are passionate about making a difference and tackling real-world challenges in their community. This competition invites young minds to form a team of 2-3 students and address a social issue they care about through the short documentary form to become change-makers of the future.

Ready to tackle real-world challenges and make a difference in your community? Join Pitch for the Future!

🌍 Identify critical issues in your community.

💡 Develop groundbreaking solutions aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

🧠 Sharpen critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

🏆 Win scholarships, cash awards, and global recognition.

🤝 Connect with like-minded peers worldwide.

Register now at pitchforthefuture.com by May 25 for an Early Bird fee of US$10 per competitor, instead of the Regular fee of US$15 per competitor!

you can use my code AMB1570 for a 50% discount. (makes it 5$)

Let's dare to dream, innovate, and pitch for a future of sustainability and equity. See you there!

check out the website or u could contact me (reply to this) to learn more about the prizes :)

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